How to buy

How to buy reasonably priced high quality SLIM SASH WINDOWS

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1. Choosing us – safety and great value

By choosing from us, you are buying from English company ADPOL LONDON Ltd at very low prices direct from manufacturer. If you decide to order, you will receive an invoice from ADPOL LONDON Ltd, and will be be prompted to transfer your payment to the English HSBC bank. If you live in London or nearby (up to 100 km), the price always includes transport cost. If the destination is outside of London (above to 100 km), the delivery will cost extra.

You can see and examine the full range of ADPOL SLIM  SASH  WINDOWS  in ADPOL LONDON Ltd showroom located in Reading. Until the payment is made on the basis of pro form invoice, the customer does not bear any costs related with the order procedure. Products purchased in online store can be delivered to any place in the world.

2. Designing your windows and doors in the online shop

Our pricing software in a simple and friendly way will allow you to create and evaluate the SLIM SASH WINDOWS  you want to purchase. If you need more information, please send us an e-mail:  . You will receive a reply within 3 business days.

3. Placing your order.

The customer has the following options for placing an order in our online store :

3.1. By choosing:  Credit card – directly from the STORE  – you will be paying by Credit card via a secure online payment platform – STRIPE. This form of payment is the safest option for you, because the transaction is insured and if you don’t receive your order within 8 weeks, you will be eligible for a refund. Credit card payments also guarantee the fastest delivery of your order.

3.2. By choosing: Pro-Forma invoice: money transfer – within two working days of placing an order in our online store, you will receive a Pro-Forma invoice for 100% of the order value, indicating the bank account number to be paid. The Pro-Forma will also include a link to STRIPE payment if you change your mind at any time. Please check your order carefully and transfer the funds in accordance with the Pro-Forma invoice you received.

3.3. By choosing: I just want to send an inquiry  – you will be contacted by our consultant and within 3 working days of submitting the inquiry you will receive an individual quote. By choosing this option, we can not however guarantee the same, favorable prices as in our online store. If, after receiving the quote, you decide to place an order, then we will send you a Pro-Forma invoice for 100% of the order value, which you will be able to pay via credit card or bank transfer. Please check your order carefully and transfer the funds in accordance with the Pro-Forma invoice you received.

The windows purchase contract at  is valid from the date of receipt of 100% of the order gross amount to ADPOL LONDON Ltd bank account. The parties to the contract are ADPOL LONDON Ltd and the person or company who made the payment to ADPOL LONDON

4. Delivery

We will ask you by e-mail to provide a telephone number and name of the person responsible for unloading the truck. We will also ask you whether the place of delivery is accessible to TIR trucks or smaller cars and whether the unloading will be done by hand or with the use of heavy equipment. The order will arrive by car with the agreed payload, ready for unloading by heavy equipment or by hand. The final price includes the delivery fee, but does not include unloading.

5. Checking the received goods

ADPOL LONDON Ltd always supplies two copies of reception protocol – one for the driver and one for the customer. After the car is unloaded, make sure the order is delivered in full, without defects. Reception protocols must be filled out in the presence of the driver. In the event of any damage related to transport, the scanned reception protocol should be sent by e-mail to      within 3 working days of receiving the goods. Cases in which we find failures or deficiencies in submitting the reception protocol will not be taken into account.

6. Warranty

We provide a guarantee for all of our products upon delivery and receipt of full payment. You will receive the Terms of Warranty and the Warranty Card entitling you to use the rights under the warranty. Please read them carefully and remember about maintenance and renovation of the purchased products in accordance with the Terms of Warranty. Timely and professional maintenance and renovation will ensure a long-term usage of our joinery  we have been manufacturing windows and doors for almost 30 years now and most of our products are still serving their owners.

7. Documents and correspondence

The parties agree that correspondence will only be conducted out via e-mail. ADPOL LONDON Ltd correspondence on purchases made at the online shop , will be conducted through the following address:  

8. Notice of Right to Cancel (7 Day Cooling Off)

As the customer, you have a legal right to cancel your contract, at no penalty, with Adpol London ltd. As such, a 7 day cooling off period shall apply to this contract. Please note that you may be required to pay for the goods/services supplied if the performance of the contract has already begun prior to the expiry of the cancellation period. Your notice of cancellation shall be deemed to be served to Adpol London ltd, on the date on which it is sent to Adpol London ltd by e-mailing :